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"Chantelle's knowledge of the luxury sector and her established network meant that the membership site grew quickly and sign up rates exceeded initial targets."




The Influencers Diary 


“The word I would use to describe Chantelle is “social butterfly” Chantelle’s little black book of contacts is incredible! If there isn’t someone Chantelle knows, give her time and she will have their contact and a relationship built for you within minutes. It has been a true pleasure working with Chantelle. She is professional, hard working and committed and I now have the pleasure of calling her my friend” - Rosalind Weinberg (2019)

“There are so many great things I can shout out about Chantelle, but her professionalism and dedication to creating fantastic content is what stands out for us. Our clients love her work and see great results from the back of her marketing and PR. Chantelle takes each brief and adds her own spin to it, creating content that both fits the brand brief and resonates with her audience to gain amazing results. At Luxury Property, we look forward to working with Chantelle more in the future and building a fabulous working relationship." Tatiana Egorova (2020)

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"You Image Consultancy wanted to grow its brand awareness from national to global and to establish a private membership platform and recognised that expert knowledge was required to do that. Chantelle joined You Image Consultancy in 2018 to lead the project and to advise on all areas of our marketing strategy.
Chantelle's knowledge of the luxury sector and her established network meant that the membership site grew quickly and sign up rates exceeded initial targets. Chantelle created campaigns through all media channels to create brand awareness and place us as market influencers.Her attention to detail for content creation was excellent and her creativity meant that our campaigns had better reach than competitors.
Chantelle worked tirelessly to engage with prospective members which resulted in consistent member growth. She managed to create and captivate a new community through her brilliant use of her honed communication skills and her ability to adapt her approach for each unique individual.Chantelle is very committed, diligent, self-motivated and a pleasure to work wand combined with her experience, knowledge, expertise and skills in marketing make her a leader in this field."
Deborah Turner, You Image (2018) 
Fashion Magazine
"Working with Chantelle to influence a luxury marketing strategy for our Grand Prix events has been a great experience and success. She is highly strategic, personable and hard working. In the two years we have been working together we have achieved expert partnerships, secured top-tier placements and hosted events that reinforce our mission. Our exposure and credibility in yachting has greatly increased. Chantelle was an extension to our team at Xclusive Yachts and a joy to work with." - Amit Patel, Xclusive Yachts (2019)
"I have worked with Chantelle on two projects one for aviation and the other for yachting. Chantelle is responsive, collaborative and passionate about her work in the luxury industry. This work ethic and enthusiasm always leads to a fantastic and seamless end result, my projects are usually time sensitive and difficult to obtain but Chantelle has had no problems with using her great network and resourcefulness. She also takes the time to understand and engage with the each task and project she’s working with so that the end result levels are really high". Gautam Singhania (2019/2020)