Fear not, effervescent greenery and sparkling shallow waters will be available and burgeon in 2021, welcoming intrepid guests with open arms.

Looking beyond the turbulent tides of 2020, the explorative travel and adventure seeking industry will be bursting at the seams with preparations soon underway, companies such as Pelorus a leader in yacht expeditions are adjusting to new market demands and to the pursuit of unchartered waters. For many luxury travellers, globetrotting for business and pleasure is a monthly occurrence, so being hindered for months in one location gives fluidity to creative destination planning, whether it be unearthing the underwater topography and live volcanoes in Papua New Guinea or hiking across the glacial landscape of Svalbard, a notional beach break will no longer suffice. Teamed with the fact, travel journalists have been hindered to review new openings and the desire for eventual freedom will reign too much to bare, carefully curating our own cultural expeditions will become a significant factor of 2021. Here are some of 2021’s enviable openings: Chablé resort, Sea of Cortéz

If the clammy and fumigated city air is something you can no longer endure, this futurist sloping dessert bliss is a must for you. The private concrete suite cylinders and VIP pergola access offer everything needed for an intimate and contagion free vacation. The 50 large beachfront surroundings all have panoramic views of the Sea of Cortéz, located north of La Paz, on the Gulf of California. If rejoicing with nature and endless and palatial mountainous terrains are your go-to for bucket list travel, then this wellness haven soon awaits. Six Senses Crans-Montana, Switzerland

The second of its Alpine destinations, and what a spectacle it is. Hidden deep within the canton of Valais a short helicopter hop-skip and jump ride away from Geneva airport, lies the 47-room marble and wooden clad masterpiece. It’s vastly luxurious genesis offers an all year round visit of palatial luxury, equipped with all your usual 5* amenities with a twist, offerings of the finest Swiss cuisine in the valleys and spa culture that enhances and distinguishes all of your quarantined stresses. One&Only Kéa Island, Greece

Nestled under the Greek sun and above the Aegean waters, a one of a kind luxury development, adjoining its parental portfolio, The Kea island project. The One&Only chain is synonymous for crafting ultimate luxury in spectacular locations, and the new 2021 Kéa beachfront site is no different. Based upon a vision of an idyllic beachfront sanctuary, it is a serene destination ideal for a mini break or a more permanent base with a limited number of one&only private homes available for purchase.

The Hilton Resort, Las Vegas

The perfect escape to relieve all your pent-up stresses and inhibitions, explore the scarlet dunes of the Mojave Desert of the palatial playground of Las Vegas. The 88-acre mega build project of Hilton hotels will leave you enlightened with its option able 3,500 room resort, equipped with every adventure your heart could desire, seven swimming pools, gaming zone and a high-tech theatre room spacious even for a small village. A project marking Hilton’s largest multi-brand deal in history. Staying optimistically positive, post pandemic, these luxury offerings will finally be in our ever reaching grasp.