Turbulent times, cause for tumultuous measures. Finding newsworthy, digestible and interesting reads are becoming few and far between, competing with the parody of the all-consuming C word we plead to forget. So how do you break through the news cycle if you have interesting insights you want to get out there that isn’t pandemic related? Here are some suggestions:

Tap into the changing cultural phenomenon

Take advantage of the market’s downtime, this doesn’t mean that stores are no longer selling, mega yachts aren’t still being desired and homes aren’t in need of fanciful renovations, it means quite the opposite.

Peoples new found free time plays host to their surroundings, what is missing, what needs changing and how they can start futureproofing. According to Maddox Gallery there has been an uptick in over the phone purchases with a soaring 18.59% of international buyers willing to complete a purchase without an in-person appointment, the same goes for yacht brokers, charter requests have gone through the roof for next year’s summer and winter excursions. Honing in on luxury renovations, whether for private jets, ski chalets or vacation homes is ideal to capture a reader’s attention, whilst giving them a project to focus on and divert their attention for the next few months, which is guaranteed to pay off down the line.

Share a story that isn’t directly related to the virus but still fits into the news cycle

Money matters, keep people educated on where investments/stocks are soaring, put a positive spin on previously neglected markets. Richard Mille watches has informed its buyers there has been a dramatic increase since the pandemic hit and they cannot produce the demand fast enough, imploring an up to 2 year waiting list. Feadship yachts have just unveiled Project 1010, their largest construction to date. The elusive artworks of Banksy have seen a collector increase of 19.67% according to Maddox Gallery. Highlight upon positivity, we are all submerged in doom and gloom.

Pool your resources and take a more collaborative approach

Chomping at the same bit only dilutes a meaningful story, explore joint media pitching opportunities. Localise your search, find relevancy in what you and your competitor are steering towards, perhaps collaborate on a cover story of No 1 Grosvenor Square near completion, plan a monumental opening party – if not in person due to restrictions then consider exploring a VR opportunity.

Combine formats and deliver a balanced news diet

2020 has enveloped complete and utter overwhelm, we are continuously bombarded with traumatic news, distorted media statistics and that is without our pre-existing online addictions. Drawing in intuitive readers by operating multiple platforms is key to a stimulating consumption, dilute your wordy offering into bite sized pieces, feature regular Q & A’s – these work particularly well with emerging artists and designers in the luxury sector as many UHNW individuals desire unique and distinguished commodities. If you are an online publication then utilise the click through purchase tool, luxury buyers don’t want the added difficulty of resourcing inventory, bring in print purchases to the here and now.

Gaining worthy coverage in the midst of an all-consuming event that is affecting the entire world can be a challenge. However, the show will go on, practitioners can start with the basics of good writing, constructive conversations and use of multi-channel publishing.