I think finding a charity that lies parallel to your beliefs, life experiences and family heritage is synonymous to healthy, mental and physical success, being able to give back to a community and share some of your hard-earned fortune is greatly appreciated.

In a time when not only are we facing the largest global financial deficit in humankind but a catastrophic that will impact the world for years to come, unsurmountable pressures are being put on countries all over the world to implement their own relief strategies in order to keep people alive, re-employ thousands of healthcare workers and keep economies afloat.

Many countries have crisis contingency plans and risk aversion sewed into their humankind societal fabric, most likely from countries from where you are sitting and reading this from right now, however the upheaval from countries where such luxuries are non-existent are facing a different kind of crisis.

I look inwardly to a charity that is close to my heart and a country that is part of my heritage, India. Some few weeks ago when Narendra Modi voiced his impact to combat the Coronavirus, he not only enforced a somewhat wartime euphemism but left millions of stranded Indians, homeless, jobless and starving. In such crisis of a public health emergency it provides a critical moment for countries to re-evaluate priorities and imagine a vision of a society that is based on more equitable values.

However, India’s approach to the crisis, coupled with its continuing religious upheavals, leaves little hope that a different reality will emerge after the crisis.

With a marginalised approach to healthcare, much of India’s 29 state economy is in disparity.

Finding Zomato’s Feeding India

With the largest portion of my family from my dad’s side being from India and Pakistan, I took no hesitation to apply for a partnership with Zomato’s Feeding India charity, having visited the countries and now seeing the detrimental COVD19 impact, I am relentless in becoming an advocate of change.

With a network of 26,000+ volunteers across 100+ cities in India, Zomato’s Feeding India charity have initiated a ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ project to provide food support to such families and to help them have a reliable supply of meals in the absence of employment opportunities.

Sectioned into meal kits, each package contains a combination of wheat flour, rice and two types of pulses that can be used to cook meals for a family of 5 for a week, costing on average £5.34. They are currently working tirelessly with multiple NGO’s to ensure responsible distribution and committing 100% of all proceeds to the campaign.

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Whilst many of us sit bearing the fruits of our furloughed labour in a comfortable homely environment, it is worth spending a second to think about the international injustice some are injuring, currently in India the government relief plans have done little to alleviate the stresses caused on its vast economically disadvantaged populations due to the lockdown.

At a time like this, we must keep the most vulnerable top of mind. Lots of communities have been hit extremely hard and we need to offer all the help we can.