With the backlash of the ever-present L word, it seems London and many other global cities have adopted new practices of getting creative and exploring the extra square footage of the sidewalks.

The growing demand for outdoor dining is more present than ever, beyond 6pm many of London’s hotspots are prepping refurnishing’s for the evening rush, taking over the walkways and alleys of the West Ends cobbled streets with makeshift table service and pop-up cocktail stands.

The new in-demand dining offerings are changing the way we dine out, many restaurants and bars are becoming accustomed to a fresher and less congested style of dinner service, with the adoption of new territories and utilising what was once dead space, terraces and garden bars are popping up everywhere.

With many 5* hotels still on hold for re-opening, they are now utilising their free space advantageously, with private terraces now available for public use, some mixed with an eclectic and Mediterranean feel, others seem reminiscent of the Cyclades Islands with Grecian table décor and tranquil anthems playing.

Some scarcity still lies in waiting for those opting to explore London’s gastronomy offerings, with the strict measures of 2 metre distancing and mask necessities there are still reservations about visiting these blooming hotspots, yet if you are attempting to book a table within a week’s notice it seems near enough impossible, with safety measures in place, clean air to breath and a QR coded menu we seem set and ready to explore the new normal of London’s foody scene.

Hoping that many restaurants and bars will recover from the tragedies of the pandemic, it seems adopting an outside space bears fruitful for future business growth, providing there is a sturdy umbrella and plentiful cocktail choices.

Here are some of my favourite Alfresco dining spots:

The Garden at The Berkeley

The Arts Club Brasserie

Jurema at The Mandrake

The Ivy Chelsea Garden