Unbeknown to me, usually the somewhat disorganised and blasé traveller, I did no initial research on the Island until I left two weeks later. I am writing this piece having returned a month ago now, somewhat dumbfounded and completely star struck at my experience. This trip was planned some six months ago for a friend’s engagement, who have owned a slice of the islands paradise for over 30 years. Mustique’s free-spirited yet intimidating façade is located 100 miles west of Barbados, and is one of 600 islands called the Grenadines. Some of these islands make up St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and some make up the country of Grenada.

The arrival, as seen above, was rocky to say the least. To get to Mustique, you’ll need to head to St. Lucia or Barbados, then connect through a Mustique Airways flight, which run at most twice a day and at very unregulated timings. Upon arrival it is unimaginably serene, the local decadence is effortless and the hospitality second to none. We elected to indulge in a quick drink at the only hotel The Cotton House, before taking a jeep buggy into the hills and on an adventure to find our villa, and avoid the dormant giant tortoise on the pathways.

Villa Alumbrera

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As you can see the island has preserved its original wildness in a topography of unpaved roads and unmanicured beaches, its quaint and local inhabitancy is somewhat mystical. With only 100 villas on the whole island, we went five days before seeing another person outside of our group, so if its serenity and ultimate privacy you are after, Mustique is a must for you!