Red, Red Wine, sing it with me.

It was apparent quite early on that my taste for a fine red would follow me unscrupulously through my years, and here we are today.

At a young age, I was dragged along to various vineyards and tasting events all over the world, of course sticking to soft drinks at this point, to which my parents have a passion for French wine, so unceremoniously me and my siblings had little else to do than learn about wine.

What a treat you may say, well I am certainly now not sticking to the soft pop! Becoming invested in the historical journey from the vine-to-glass has become one of my great enjoyments, from visiting family owned Château’s in Bordeaux, to the finest and most state of the art distilleries in Burgundy. However, far from Connoisseurship. Wine pairing is a gift, and certainly one that is best left to the professionals, personally I love a full bodied and rich red, so any food accompaniment never seems necessary.

The basics

The diverse flavours of red wine make is synonymous for serving during dinners with heavy meats and cheeses, however for a vegan like me, that certainly is not the case. Red’s relatively strong taste means that it goes well with dense and robust flavours, think Indian spice or fiery Mexican.

The trick is to match the heaviness of the red wine to the density otf he food.

If your food is on the denser and heavier side like steak or legumes, then the best red wine you can pair it with are heavy-bodied ones, like Cabernet and Syrah. 

If your food is on the lighter side, something like a salad or white meat, then the red wine should be light-bodied.

I recently joined an illustrious members wine club, Le Secret des Grands Chefs (SGC). To say this club is secretive is an understatement, the producers own a hidden plot of hectares in Bordeaux, where they cultivate a selection of the finest, Médoc, St-Emilion and Pomerol I have ever tasted. The membership entitles you to 28 bottles of your chosen selection, perfectly delivered in a shielded crate, enveloping its characteristically chic branding of a subtle yet unique black-and-gold design. I am still not sure if it was the curiosity or the delectable taste that won me over, but I am well stocked and exceedingly happy with my choice.

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