The ubiquitous tagline ‘The Grandest Square in London’ gives you a perfect insight to the new construction nearly at completion, just a stone’s throw away from my apartment.

London is after all is a maze of historical significance and enchanting architecture, Grosvenor Square in Mayfair has become one of the most sought-after pieces of land development in the City. Neatly positioned surrounding a small and neighbourly park, I watch eagerly as the developments turn from piles of strewn building materials to unsurmountable masterpieces. ‘Prime real estate’ as they say, has always been one of my passions, I find my myself completely in awe of the inception-to-delivery phase, the enchanting insight of world’s most luxurious homes and their owners, or a more fitting name, temporary dwellers.

Being a local resident I watch most of Mayfair’s hustle and bustle pass by at lightning speed, and typically the development of the whole square has been fascinating to me, what seems like yesterday, the square was no more than a pass through to the shops laden on Oxford Street, derelict buildings with sagging embassy flags, and countless amounts of For Sale signage.

Enter, makeover completion.

The square now reigns fit for our Queen, however, with the vision of a highly sought-after square, it seems not to bring local residents, but those of an international stature. In discussion with some of the agents at the Four Seasons Residence - Twenty Grosvenor Square, they have a limited amount of properties sold and that to buyers from the Far and Middle East. I have such a close and perhaps a little strange affinity with the square, after viewing some of the properties launched at 20GS I became infatuated, the street view looks nothing less than a five-star hotel, however inside tells a whole different story, each apartment is designed with specific colour palates in mind, some with a panoramic view of Hyde Park and others with grand piano centre pieces. Heightened contemporary luxury at its finest, certainly a happy escape from the current pandemic I would say.

Let us not forget the ‘additional amenities’, cinema rooms, private spa’s, children’s play rooms and a pristine air-conditioned car park, after countless park walks I have dissected each part of the restorations and declare myself, obsessed! As the final piece of the puzzle is yet to open, the corner of Number 1 Grosvenor Square, I have provisionally shown viewing interest and can’t wait to share with you all my experience.