In a year where our whole psyche has been unequivocally turned into mush, giving yourself a stress less festive period should be this year’s vow.

Whether you are struggling to drum up creative ideas that have a disproportionate difference to last year, or perhaps you are finding yourself less desire to hit the busy streets where precautionary measures may go amiss, here are a few ways I navigate through the busy month.

1. Make lists, pretty obvious I guess? Start midway through the year and try and pick up on your family and friends window shopping desires, television advertising interests and people watching ogling – that ‘ohh I love her shoes’ is an easy checkout.

2. Remember you have until the 24th! Wait until a few days before to shop on the high-street for your final additions, sales start earlier and earlier each year, getting the same product for 50% off is definitely worth while!

3. Get reading! The best gift ideas come from recommendations, especially in magazines where they have several subcategories to assist your creative spark! A few of my favourites are the Harrods Gift list, Luxury London’s wish list and The Ultimate Gift guide in Luxe Digital.

4. Shop solo! If ever there was a day that friendly recommendations aren’t wanted it’s your Christmas shopping day, avoid the impulse purchase! Set a time limit on your day and get in and get out, dwindling over multiple colour choices will end up leaving you with neither.

Finding solace in preparation is easier said than done, however Christmas delights us all with the same upheaval every year so ensure this year it works around you and doesn’t become a monotonous takeover.

Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year guys! xx