Will our consumer behaviour change? Will we be more aware of the wool being pulled over our eyes in business decisions?

In light of the band aid being completely ripped off, we are all lying bare and awaiting the next announcement, easing us one step closer to freedom of trade, meanwhile with huge budget and staffing cuts, sectors such as hospitality, events and luxury goods are facing the toughest test of time.

Upholding a title such as CMO, CFO or any of the Chief positions for that matter, is tougher now more than ever, faced with disintegrating spending allowances and the upheaval of both production and shipping ground to a halt, the future of buying and selling will become a turntable of precursory fleecing tactics to future honesty and integrity.

Previous swindling strategies, over selling and under performing were daily occurrences, many monthly marketing, PR and agency retainers were abundantly onboarded, perhaps some with minimal market return, leaving our hard-earned efforts wittering away into our decreasing budgets, however with new fresher objectives we can counteract our previous pitfalls.

Through quarantine we have seen a united front, brands and companies remaining statutory throughout the lockdown period, signalling neither that of profiteering nor showing signs of complete ruin, with the end in near sight I look at the trajectory of business moving forward.

With the rise of indigenous standpoints since the pandemic has taken hold, the business world is becoming more tactical and tougher to succeed than ever, once normalcy resumes business dynamics will take time to repair, re-develop and incorporate new strategies.

However, looking at the sunnier end of the curve, re invigorated businesses will rise and an abundance of innovative ideas will hit the market, it will lead to a new era of tailoring and strategizing our brand narrative and honing into our key audiences. Removing the stalemate of targeted mass audiences with minimal ROI, we will see a whole new ethic of trading, by going through such hardship is allows each and every team member to go back to the drawing board and reassess what is necessary and what is a necessity.

For both conglomerate sized companies and SME’s, it will be crucial to adapt to the direct approach, removing the frivolous storytelling and cutting to the chase. Critiquing our targeted partnerships and streamlining our sales navigation is a key tactic to ensuring a long lasting efficient and transparent brand at the nexus of post-Covid recovery.