If, like me, before lockdown finding time to schedule a date night or a midweek brunch was a task in itself, then now is the time to go the extra mile for your partner. It may sound like the last thing you need on your plate, however since coming up with creative ways to entertain myself and my boyfriend since lockdown, I have discovered some of his deeper and meaningful attributes. It was all well and good hitting the town twice a week with friendship groups and hosting weekly events, but laden with copious amounts of alcohol and sleepless nights does not bode well a long-lasting relationship.

The Agenda

Trying to keep my organisational skills at bay, I opt to make a simple word document with an hourly guide of the day/evening activities, sending this the day prior is a great way to give your partner something to look forward to. Both me and my boyfriend seem to be working now more than ever so spending quality time together is a rarity. By following somewhat normalcy of what used to be an office bound calendar structure, is now in the comfort of your own home, luckily, I have a single office to work from and he is out of the house most of the day too.

Cocktail making – this is a great way to get explorative and test your mixology skills! It used to be as easy as order and deliver, however now you will find out the tips and tricks surrounding this hidden craft. Depending on your tipple of choice, research the ingredients and ensure you buy everything recommended, its usually the case of visiting two or three stores to get everything needed! This is in our schedule for 4-5.30pm, to catch the days end sunshine and wind down after work stress.

Here are some of our favourite recipes:

The Mexican Quarantini (my favourite):


  • 5 stemmed mint leafs

  • 1 x Don Julio 1942 measured shot

  • 1x Soda Water

  • Tajin seasoning

  • 1 squeeze of Agave syrup

  • Cucumbers x 6

  • 2 x Lemon

  • 2 x Lime


  1. Wet the rim of your glass and dip into the Tajin, coating the outer edge

  2. Add the tequila

  3. Squeeze your fresh lemon and lime into the glass with the tequila

  4. Juice your cucumbers, approximately 6, add the juice to your glass

  5. Add a splash of your soda water and a light squeeze of Agave

  6. Mix together and enjoy with a garnish of mint!

Expresso Martini (his favourite):


  • 1 1/2 ounces vodka

  • 3/4 ounce coffee liqueur (Kahlua)

  • 1/4 ounce crème de cacao (white)

  • 1 ounce espresso (cold)


  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, pour the vodka, coffee liqueur, crème de cacao, and espresso

  2. Shake well

  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

  4. Top with 3 fresh coffee beans

Pizza making

Making this alongside listening to a heartfelt anthem of Andrea Bocelli is as close to the Italian coast as it gets!

Personally, I rarely eat pizza but it’s the preparation that is the fun part, and hopefully by now those cocktails have awakened your senses. This is a great way to have time together in the kitchen getting creative, we usually make each other’s and see who’s turns out better! Hint – buy a malleable pizza base and line the edges with mozzarella cheese for a stuffed crust!

To finish off our evening, I added to the schedule a couple’s online workout and a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert.

I usually try to do this once a week or once every two weeks to change up the quarantine routine, admittedly we are both desperate to get back to a restaurant but it is a fun distraction in the meantime.