2020 has so far been a year that will almost certainly go down in history, the globe has implemented a pivot strategy and now we need to learn how to adapt to it.

With many industries willowing away at the harsh reality of the economic downturn, it is time to refresh our inhibitions and learn to create and capture new and exciting propositions in our careers.

There are significant areas of growth, ruin and development we have seen over the past few months and we are seeing the curve of new employment flatten.

Prior to the lockdown implementing skills such as business networking, attending a whole host of events and regular introductory meetings would be a sure-fire way to get you noticed and deals on the table. However, we are now suffering from irregular social contact and emotionless online meetings, so how can we still capitalise on those pre-existing opportunities?

Whether it is a promotion you are seeking or an influential client you are looking to sign, commitment, persistence and resilience should be your key strategies, unchanged from the pre Covid era.

However now we just need to learn how to implement these existing techniques in our changing society.

Increase your online voice and personal brand:

With ever more social media applications, it is harder than ever to be seen and heard. Our whole world has seen a digital takeover and adaptation is crucial to not getting left behind. In the whole haze of social profiling it is wise to pick strategically to your sector focus, business promotions and tactical selling tools are best utilised on platforms such a LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, as all offer the largest group of business individuals and peer to peer support.

However, for a more flamboyant approach to creative and imaginative marketing the likes of TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat are a profitable resource.

It is no surprise that tapping into niche audiences is gold to obtaining a loyal following, but having multiple profiles both for business and your personal brand is important to capture a vast audience. For instance, having a personal blog and including a subsidiary website for your business tools and attributes gives you access to a larger audience looking at you as a whole.

For example: I set up a website that’s hosts all my favourite luxury lifestyle obsessions, I write weekly blogs, feature fun and useful downloads and have a page showing my existing business achievements through video and case studies. Secondly, I attached my second website as a substitute for all business interests, here is where I host all my consulting collateral, giving insight into my client’s purpose, testimonials and regular business features surrounding luxury consulting.

Not only do I capture the fun and flamboyant creatives that enjoy reading and exploring lifestyle media, but I offer an instant direction to future clients who are seeking my core business ethics, prices and client advocacy.

There are many ways to improve your online voice and a vast number of reliable applications to do so, however finding your audience is the hard part, so be sure to engage purposefully and find thought provoking topics, many people are so wrapped up in there career sector they forget what their personal purpose is, maintaining a personal online brand takes confidence in yourself to engage with your own beliefs and experiences and upload them to the world, the more honest you are the better the response and the more interactive and compassionate your followers will become.

Creating a resourceful and credible business profile is about combining your achievements, knowledge, skills and experience together, it gives your future employer or client exposure on your working history, talents and challenges. Showcasing a combination of media on your site or profiles proves your talents in an array of different areas, listing the online resourcing you have experience and expertise in shows your visitor instantly whether your right for the job or whether you may need some assistance with some online tools and training. The most significant and valuable content is in your testimonials, many future employers look for what others are saying about you, by adding a snapshot of your work together and a profile image of your reference giver it puts a face to a name and goes a long way in increasing trust and reinforces your credibility as a professional.

Without dwelling on the missed opportunities that perhaps would have arisen, don’t let the worries consume you, optimise your goals and desires for the near future and be confident the next opportunity will arise sooner rather than later.