With little or no ability to put our sky miles to good use, will we see a re shuffle in expatriates returning home or relocating elsewhere?

With the world bearing the undue presses of having clipped wings, we are torn between exploring our local territories or the walls of our residential confines, but does this evoke the desire to permanently relocate or does it change our attitude of being appreciative in our surroundings.

Across the globe we have seen hierarchal figures enforce lockdowns and travel restrictions very differently, some with the strictest approaches such as Italy and Beijing and others such as Sweden and South Korea that acted against the norm. Looking broadly at this issue, will the representation of how countries deal with a crisis situation change our long-term perspectives of where we choose to reside?

According to McKinsey over 90% of global executives believe that the Covid-19 crisis will fundamentally change the way they do business over the next 5 years, and 85% agree that it will have a lasting impact on their customers need and wants over the next 5 years.

With industrial change and opportunities for growth becoming marginalised, many are looking to seize the fortuitous and emerging sectors to secure a safe future, both pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods have grown exponentially since the first outbreak back in March.

Many large business owners and freelancers such as myself have the freedom to either work from anywhere or have multiple holiday homes to resume back to, however with the new strategic advantage and trend of WFH, the world’s largest companies such as Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, PayPal and Salesforce are restructuring their policies and enforcing remote working permanently. With this new-found freedom there is an opportunity to make our dreams come true and to perhaps permanently relocate.

For many of us situated in the UK, the idea of 365 days of sunshine is hard to pass up on, however in reflection of our Governmental structure and outstanding NHS services through the crisis, there seems no better option to be in a safe and secure environment at this moment.

In provision for business travellers and international citizens, it has really been a time to reflect on residing positioning, whether they see their current constituency sticking for the long haul or perhaps taking the leap and moving to somewhere more explorative may be on the cards. There really is no better time to explore your options and weigh up the pros and cons of where you choose to spend your life moving forward.

Personally, I have never felt more grateful to my country and feel forever indebted to the relentless attitudes to this crisis, I am here for the long haul!