Contrary to my existing beliefs, wedging my homepage up with irrelevant apps is a thing of the past. Due to our current global crisis, and our all to regular ‘weekly screen time’ notifications, we are online now more than ever, choosing digital to stay connected and keeping our businesses in the forefront to prepare for a new version of normal in a very changed economy.

Finding meaningful ways to stay relevant and playing the long game of existence is somewhat manageable, with apps that broaden our horizons to better days soon approaching, here are a list of some of my - can’t live with outs.

Google Digital Garage – this has pulled me from a miserable slump to a knowledge obsessed devotee, it offers in demand skill modules, through curated videos and quizzes. With over 126 different courses and hundreds of hours of learning, it provides every opportunity to excel in areas of Data and Tech, Digital Marketing and Career Development, approved by industry experts, leading entrepreneurs and conglomerate CEO’s. Reaching your goals and staying up to date has never been easier.

Blinkist – saving our precious time seems to be a laughable offence right now, but if you are strategically planning your hours, weeks and months regardless of quarantine, the more hours spared the better. Being a self-proclaimed Audible lover, at first, Blinkist seemed little more than an app to pass the time from office to tube, how wrong I was.

Gone are the days of finding time to perch on a bench and fall into the whimsical world of a novel, Blinkist’s 15-minute audio insights give you a well-rounded and sweetened version of the bestselling nonfiction books on the market. Heralding over 3,000 titles in 27 categories, the choice is endless.

My current reading – The 5am club by Robin Sharma

Hubspot Academy – my revolutionary hero of online marketing! Go from amateur to pro tech wizard in a flash. Hubspot has similar attributes to Google Digital Garage but is very different in terms of the deep learning strategies, Hubspot offers courses such as inbound, how to attract leads and engage prospects, social media, how to generate leads with a multi-channel social media strategy. Email marketing, how to communicate with impact, drive growth, and deliver revenue, content marketing, creating, delivering and promoting sales-worthy content and finally, inbound sales– managing your pipeline and closing deals. These are all day to day business functionalities that are crucial in times of crisis, ensuring a successful future in which we will thrive and grow when the current restrictions are lifted.

The Sims Mobile – online gaming has never been top of agenda, however the revelation of a curated and idealistic community is somewhat serendipitous in our current circumstances. From creating a unique sim, visually reflecting your inspiring aspirations of being, to building your perfect home – including an architectural plan, landscape, terrain and interior. It is a great way to stem creativity and imagination, completing daily tasks and quests, interacting with real-life gamers and building a sim career. Albeit this is non- reflectional on our core businesses, however it certainly evokes purpose and plans for future experiential living.

Day One – This Journaling app is something I have used religiously since I purchased it 5months ago, being incessant on broadening my vocabulary I write down everything I hear and see, from snappy Broadway headlines, graffiti quotes to love poems. Day One is a private digital serenity of thoughts, captions and emotions all rolled up into one, telling your own story through audio logs, handwritten entries and nature sounds. Capturing special moments and personalising the way you read the world, Day One allows you to capture life as you live it. Perhaps one day that Journal may turn into your own best-selling book!

TBA – The Gather App, this long-awaited subscription based financial aid will soon be on the market. The app allows you to subscribe to investment plans in the products, industries and issues you care about, some to include: climate impact, forestation and vegan and organic living. This one of a kind impact investing application, uses expert specialist in their field and allows community investing with peers and colleagues. Watch this space!

Any recommendations welcomed.