One time long long ago, hula hooping was a quick fix for parental freedom, how times have changed and roles reversed.

I have always been fitness obsessed and a gym buff, whether it be the addiction of edorphines or the mental freedom, daily exercise is my top priority for brain stimulation.

Since I am writing this in quarantine, with no access to a gym, I have resorted to explorative workouts, all hail the weighted hula hoop! We are all looking for rapid succession, and this may be the answer to it. Sometimes simplicity is key, whether it be weight loss, maintenance or building aerobic durability you are craving, hooping is an easy as pie answer to it all! Combined with other cardio and weighted workouts, it is my favourite addition to my make shift home gym. Personally I despise running but love walking, I usually aim for around 15,000+ steps per day, alongside an online 15-20 HIIT workout, combining my weighted MiraFit hula hoop. Nothing excites me more than a new piece of workout apparatus, I am 2 weeks in to hula workouts and haven't become complacent yet! Here are some excercises to explore fellow hoopers.

1. Warm-Up: Back Stretch with Hoop This is supposed to strengthen back muscles and increase the spine's flexibility.

2. Warm-Up: Side Stretch with Hoop

This stretch gently opens the side of the body. Good prep for anything that will involve burning away love handles.

3. Waist Hooping: Forward Stance

Waist hooping allegedly burns 400-600 calories an hour! Slight failure on my part, my time record so far is 12 minutes.

4. Waist Hooping: Side Stance

This move is supposed to help to sculpt an hourglass figure.

5. Waist Hooping with Pliés

Pliés further elevate your heart rate while toning inner thigh, I haven't quite mastered this one yet!

6. Ninja Passes

Works the obliques as you rotate your torso, my arms are shaping up already with this move.

Although resorting back to weekly Pilates, Barre and Boxercise classes would be ideal to get my body in shape for a hopeful summer of fun, I am fully embracing home hula workouts.