Today I am overwhelmed with the feeling of optimism, when fashion weeks are lining up their presumptive collections and yachts amassed with crowds overlooking the grand prix stage. In the mean-time, I wanted to take a glance into the luxury events industry and talk to a pioneer of London’s wealthy society, Aisha Rehman, event and marketing manager at KGC Catering.

KGC specializes in destination gastronomy, including exclusive private parties, luxury product launches, intimate fashion shows, boutique openings and yacht services, with entrance to normally unavailable homes and luxury hotels, providing the most beautiful and unique dining experiences for its most discerning client list.

CB: What first brought you into events?

AR: I think there is something incredibly special about curating some of the happiest days of people’s lives and being in the business of celebration. Every event is different, and I love the challenge that sets. Naturally I have always had a gregarious temperament, and I love that the job presents me with the opportunity to meet an array of inspirational people.

CB: Tell us about the type of clients you have?

AR: We have a worldwide client base. The majority of our clients are extremely wealthy individuals and luxury fashion houses.

CB: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?

AR: I adore art, and I feel there is so much inspiration to be found from within it. I often find myself visiting galleries all over the world when I’m travelling. A large part of events, is styling and curating new innovative concepts. I find that art really enables and inspires me to do that.

CB: What has been the best event you’ve planned?

AR: I’m really lucky to work with some amazing designers and clients on a daily basis. I think that’s a difficult question but in particular I love events that involve extensive styling and creative flair behind it. We have a lot of private clients who have some lavish parties so it’s great to be able to exercise that creativity in those events.

CB: What does your typical workday look like?

AR: I don’t really have a set routine. The thing is with events things are constantly changing and you need to be very malleable. Some days I am dashing around Mayfair to meetings, organising events at various venues or simply in the office doing the planning and curation side of things. I can truly say my days never get boring. Time passes so quickly and there is never a dull moment!

CB: What’s your vision for the rest of 2020?

AR: We are dealing with difficult times as of now, but I know with certitude we will all come our stronger. I feel with regards to events, in the next months to come there will be a surge of celebration after we have overcome this difficult chapter. I very much look forward to the exciting projects ahead! We already have a few top secret and very exciting things lined up for September.

Complete the phrase

I’m currently obsessing over…

The summer spring 2020 trends. I cannot wait to dress up again! There is nothing I love more than curating outfits.

I can’t live without my....

Hairbrush! It’s an absolute necessity and I quite literally keep one in every handbag I own. To ensure I never go without! Its’s borderline obsessive but hey!

My favourite luxury brand is....

Valentino. It emulates timeless elegance and the essence of femininity. Those are two things that never go out of style.

Favourite cities in the world …

Monaco, Miami & Portofino

Favourite motto …

If someone says no, you are talking to the wrong person”. Words I live by! I truly believe that if you want something in life, you have to chase after it. Never allow anyone to tell you that your dreams and visions are not possible because that’s simply not true.

Ultimately, we are responsible for our own fate and its always hard work, taking risks and tenacity that pay off.

I truly believe if you want something, you have to chase after it. Ultimately, it’s always hard work and tenacity that pays off.