With a nostalgic date in time, when I would have been heading to sunnier climes in Monaco for the annual Grand Prix, I wanted to be honest about the thoughts and emotions I’ve felt about the life I led before Covid-19 and how it may shape the person I may become in the future.

Its 9.02am GMT, together with my faithful yachting crusaders we stroll excitedly onto our BA 702 flight, take seat 2A, 2C, 3E and 4F, order 4 miniature Moet’s and kick back in anticipation for 5 days’ worth of yachting antics and Formula One debauchery.

Rewind to 2019, this was the structure of my Wednesday plan, however, times have changed and a global catastrophe has darkened our skies, our excitement now comes from seeing another human strolling down the same street, or being able to distantly communicate with the Amazon delivery guy.

Last year was nearly as turbulent as 2018 perhaps if not more, it was a year of monthly travel, relationship woes, career changes and a new home, looking back I feel almost nostalgic but with a broader and more compassionate outlook to date. It would to this day and very minute last year be one of my most stressful/ enjoyable events of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix, a no expense spared, months in planning, exuberant wealth status free for all, with a burgeoning yacht charter contract and multiple ceased partnerships it is a dimly visible comparison this year. Last year’s MGP held up high stature with prominence of birthing, representation and attendance from golden racer Max Verstappen and family, and an endless bar of Cristal. To this, a mere few days later I flew, boyfriend in tow to Singapore, then to Dubai and back to London, being only six months into the year I had explored new territories, made an abundance of new connections and probably accrued multiple spur of the moment material assets.

Winning both huge and fortuitous new contracts and loosing plenty too, it was a year of career upheaval, burnouts and a painstaking financial demise, being so deep in the waters of the cut throat and relentless industry of luxury I may or may not have learnt lessons that will come to haunt me and entice me later in life.

However, does the above matter at all? Show significance of human disparity? Or unite a whole globe's essence of unity?

No is of course the answer you are screaming at through your PC, the turning tables of March's 2020 delivery will forever be engrained in our inhibitions to shape who we are on the flipside of this global crisis.

Without any hesitation I can proclaim the lockdown has been a blessing, and of course in equal measures a curse with loved ones and companions suffering eternal loss. In review of what may I say a shameful and self-consuming former me, filled with an attitude of unfocused ventures, patron of fun and pitiful spending habits, I barely recognise the boat boarding, image obsessed Chantelle from last year’s retrospection.

To the rejoice of improved global warming statistics, sheer adoration to our NHS and a 7-day work week, I am bemused with my own new life improvements, nonetheless proud and hungrier than ever for success. It is the time now to analyse your meaning and find your WHY, not feed the desire to empathize feeling at odds with our reality, and minimise our own successes.

A far cry from perfect, sure I have off days of despising having my wings clipped, but overall my outlook is more positive, meaningful and driven by my life values, I have advanced a new talent of speed reading, finishing a book a week, educating new consultants and creating online courses for niche audiences.

Previous proclamations from writers, friends and business magnates that ‘It all starts from within, master your mindset’ truly is the key to living an effervescent life.