Abu Dhabi's - The Louvre

Arriving to Abu Dhabi is always somewhat a mystical experience, its heightened sense of Arabian culture and oil abundant edifice is a visionary spectacle.

Back in 2017 a new appeal of recognition was built, The Louvre. This was my first visit to a museum outside of the hotbed of London’s great offerings. From an architectural insight, it is a haven of structural ambience, I attend the exhibition Furusiyya: The art of chivalry between East and West, browsing the historical treasures it was a serene and awe-inspiring atmosphere. As the artefacts of armoury and prized jewellery lay idle, I couldn’t but gaze at the building itself instead of the denoted exhibition.

I spent roughly an hour perusing the maze of rooms and galleries, as I ended the exploration of a quiet courtyard of reflecting pools, one wall was inscribed with a text by BASHO, ‘Deep autumn; My neighbour, How does he live? It certainly left me reflecting on my experience, as a highly recommended visit I would waste no time dwelling on the fact it is a mere hour drive from the tourist honeypot of Dubai.

The location is situated on the periphery of the city, in Saadiyat Island, which in the not too distant future will become the new cultural heart of the Middle East. With planned additions of a National Museum (designed by Lord Foster) and a new Guggenheim (by Frank Gehry) creating an island of museums and galleries. It is hoped it will put Abu Dhabi, currently better known for its traditional hedonism, grand prix circuit and Ferrari World – firmly on the cultural map.