To tell a good story, you need to be a good storyteller.

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Why? Traditionally marketing luxury brands has always been left to the multinational corporations, whom encapsulate any new source of talent, in turn showcasing a whitewash of all too similar strategies and campaigns throughout the years. With the influence of digital and influencer marketing on brand positioning and sole creation, luxury companies are looking to upscale their solidarity and outperform their counterparts. Positioning your brand to secure noteworthy media coverage, creative and diverse partnerships and specifically tailored media to your high net worth audiences, is no easy feat. 


How? I am accustomed and on hand to help you bring your vision to life, by creating sophisticated, shareable visual content, by applying a range of new and innovative digital marketing platforms, some include; websites, digital brochures and visual content campaigns. Evaluating your brand influence and current strategy, to understand and respond to your requirements, shaping and activating your strategic marketing plan. 


What? Where two or more brands collaborate via strategic marketing campaigns to help each other achieve their objectives. It is where a primary brand has the ideal product or service to compliment a secondary brand; utilising target audiences to improve their value proposition. 


Why? According to Forbes, experiential marketing can bolster a lasting connection between customers and a brand, allowing your brand to collect vital data about participating consumers which can then help you improve your strategy. 

How? I pride myself in attention to obsessive detail, with your vision as a guide, exploring creative and ambitious ideas to bring an event or campaign to fruition. From launches, trade-shows, exclusive experiences or week-long hospitality events, the answer is always YES! 

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P
Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P


It is no secret that getting to the top is about who you know not what you know (in most cases) Having spent umpteen hours perusing networking gatherings, travelling across the globe and becoming an expert in relationship management, many partnership and introductory propositions can be brought to fruition, thank you Me. 


Activations are a great example that help luxury brands bring their attributes of superiority, premium quality, and exclusivity to life, many luxury verticals and markets are saturated with both paid advertising and endorsements (sponsorships). By implementing Activations to your brand, it aids in differentiating brands and providing ways to reach new targets, such as the experience-seeking Millennial.

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